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DL1961 Special Offers On Amazon

Say goodbye to jeans that lose their fit after you wear them a few times. Unlike any other jean around, DL1961's are crafted with revolutionary four-way stretch denim. Which means you'll never have to worry about these jeans sagging, bagging or stretching out. How? 

 The unique four-way stretch denim used by DL1961 retains its fit to your body for the life of the jean. Even after multiple wears, these jeans will still fit perfectly. Wherever you put the most stress - the knees, inseam or back rise, DL1961 Jeans will take it and bear it with a graceful style never before seen in denim. So, as you try these on, remember, how they fit now is how they'll fit tonight, tomorrow and on and on. It's DL1961's way of turning the changing room into the fitting room, so you'll always have jeans that fit your body perfectly. Comfortable, breathable, and effortlessly sexy. 

Levis Special Offers on Amazon

For over a century, men and women have done amazing things in their Levi's® jeans. They have built countries, tunneled into the earth for fuel and treasure, fought for ideals, changed perceptions, and expressed themselves through film, art, music, and literature.

Just as people who wear Levi's® jeans look for new possibilities, so does the Levi's® brand as a company. This demonstrates itself in the new Water>Less finishing, which reduces the use of water in the making of our jeans. This is also the basis of Levi's® Curve ID, a revolutionary fit system designed for a woman's shape, not size.

The Levi's® brand embodies a pioneering spirit that is always driven to innovate. Levi's® jeans have been worn by presidents and ranchers, Americans and Russians, doctors and outlaws, kings and coal miners. They are a common thread with a common promise: to provide quality clothing in which to Go Forth.